Bath Salts

Wholesale CBD Bath Salts are an exceptional opportunity for businesses looking to expand their wellness and personal care product lines. Ideal for spas, health stores, and boutique retailers, our Wholesale CBD Bath Salts are available with flexible labeling options.

These premium bath salts are infused with high-quality, full-spectrum CBD, known for its relaxation and pain relief benefits. Clients can choose to order these therapeutic bath salts without labels, providing the ultimate freedom for customization, or opt for personalized labeling to showcase their brand identity. This versatility makes our CBD Bath Salts the perfect addition to any business aiming to cater to customers seeking luxury, natural wellness products. Partnering with us means not just adding a product, but also embracing an experience that promotes relaxation, well-being, and brand growth.

Shop Wholesale CBD Bath Salts

  • Coco Mango CBD Bath Salts

    Our Private Label Coco Mango CBD Bath Salts. These luxurious bath salts are infused with natural coconut and mango fragrances, and contain CBD that has been sourced from the highest quality hemp plants.
  • Eucalyptus CBD Bath Salts

    This luxurious bath salt is infused with CBD  The invigorating scent of eucalyptus essential oil is sure to help you unwind after a long day. Perfect for use in the bath or for an invigorating foot soak. Our wholesale Private Label CBD Bath Salts are a great addition to spas, salons, and more.
  • Lavender CBD Bath Salts

    Lavender CBD Bath Salts are an excellent...  Brands and stores should private label or buy Lavender CBD Bath Salts for wholesale because of the growing demand for natural products and the potential for increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Pink Rose CBD Bath Salts

    This private label bath salt features a delightful sweet floral fragrance of delicate rose petals.  .. Enjoy the perfect amount of sweetness with this private label bath salt, available at wholesale prices for your convenience.
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